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Empower your business with EdgePoint’s cutting-edge Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions in Auckland. Safeguard your data, ensure business continuity, and minimize downtime with our tailored DRaaS offerings. Trust EdgePoint to provide seamless, scalable, and resilient disaster recovery solutions, tailored to meet your unique business needs. Maximize uptime and protect your assets with our comprehensive DRaaS services, backed by industry-leading expertise and local support. Elevate your business resilience with EdgePoint DRaaS today.

In the digital era, a robust IT infrastructure and a Disaster Recovery Plan are essential for the success of small businesses in Auckland. Managing and maintaining IT systems can be overwhelming, particularly with limited resources and technical know-how. Our small business IT support services in Auckland address this challenge. We provide comprehensive solutions tailored to modern disaster recovery requirements for small businesses, aiding them in staying competitive and enhancing efficiency.



Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)


Edgepoint Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a cloud-based service that provides businesses with a way to recover their critical IT systems and data after a disaster. EPL DRaaS allows businesses to maintain business continuity in the event of an outage or disaster by providing a secondary location for their IT infrastructure and data.

With  EPL DRaaS, our Clients can quickly recover their data and applications from the cloud in the event of a disaster. EPL DRaaS provides a range of services, including backup and recovery, failover, and failback. Edgepoint Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) can also provide disaster recovery planning and testing to ensure that our Client’s businesses are prepared for any eventuality.

In today’s digital age, businesses heavily rely on data and technology to drive their operations and maintain a competitive edge.
However, unforeseen events such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, or system failures can disrupt these critical processes and lead to severe consequences. This is where a robust backup and disaster recovery strategy plays a vital role in safeguarding your business’s continuity. Edgepoint Can help with the below.


  • Assessing Risks and Prioritizing: Identify potential risks specific to your organization, considering factors like geographical location, industry regulations, and the nature of your business. Prioritize critical systems and data that need immediate restoration in the event of a disaster.


  • Regular Data Backups: Establish a routine backup schedule to capture all relevant data, including databases, applications, and user files. Employ reliable backup methods such as off-site physical storage, cloud-based backups, or a combination of both for added redundancy.


  • Testing and Validation: Perform regular tests and simulations to ensure the recoverability and integrity of backups. This practice allows you to identify and rectify any gaps in the disaster recovery plan, making necessary adjustments for optimal efficiency.


  • Partner with Experts: Consider partnering with experienced IT professionals or managed service providers specializing in backup and disaster recovery solutions. Their expertise and industry best practices can help tailor a comprehensive strategy and provide ongoing support and monitoring.

Benefits of DRaaS

One of the key benefits of DRaaS is that it eliminates the need for businesses to maintain their own disaster recovery infrastructure. This can save businesses a significant amount of money, as they no longer need to invest in expensive hardware and software or hire additional IT staff to manage their disaster recovery process.

DRaaS also provides businesses with a high degree of flexibility. Edgepoint Managed IT Services providers can help Desing and choose the best DRaaS service to suit our customers needs and budget.

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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protecting your business data is paramount. We offer robust data backup and disaster recovery solutions to safeguard your valuable information. Our experts implement automated backup systems, ensuring that your critical data is securely stored and easily recoverable in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Cloud Backups

Edgepoint Cloud backup solutions provide a secure and reliable way to protect your data. By storing your backups in the cloud, you can ensure that your data is safe from hardware failures, natural disasters, theft, or any other unforeseen events. In case of data loss, you can easily recover your files and restore your systems from the cloud backups, enabling efficient disaster recovery.

Scalability and Flexibility – Edgepoint Cloud backup solutions allow you to scale your storage needs as your data grows. You can easily increase or decrease your storage capacity without the need for additional hardware investments. This scalability provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness, especially for businesses that have fluctuating data storage requirements.

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Auckland IT Support

Topland New Zealand is a well-established planning and development consultancy based in East Auckland.

Edgepoint Manages all our IT Infrastructure, IT Security Internet, Phones, etc.

Edgepoint’s Team who regularly go the extra mile to make sure that we are happy with everything.

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Dental IT Support

DentSpa is a premium dental and aesthetic medicine practice based in Karaka, Auckland.

Edgepoint Manages all our IT Infrastructure, Internet , Phones, eftpos and Equipments etc.

We never missed a beat after onboarding Edgepoint.

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Automotive IT Support

CMA has become one of the most popular and respected Mechanics in Papatoetoe.

Before we started with edgepoint we didn’t have any direction or planning with our technology and IT set up. Right from the start they formulated a plan that we were happy with that ensures our workshop and office setup are future proof – and we were pleased to find out that they are very good value too.

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