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A Cloud Based IT Support and IT Maintenance Contracts for traditional and modern workplaces of New Zealand.

We provide comprehensive IT support to businesses with 10-250 full-time employees.

Auckland Computer Support and repair
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Utilizing the Modern Cloud Based Monitoring System.

Edgepoint Limited is one of the best Managed IT Services Provider in Auckland and Palmerston North. We have two Location in Auckland being Mt wellington and Pukekohe and in Palmerston North CBD.

At Edgepoint,  a Cloud First MSP, we provide top-tier IT support and managed services tailored for businesses in Auckland. Specializing in cloud solutions, our expert team ensures seamless integration and management of cloud infrastructure, enhancing efficiency and security for your operations. Our services include comprehensive IT support, proactive maintenance, cybersecurity solutions, and disaster recovery, all designed to keep your business running smoothly. Partner with Cloud First MSP to leverage cutting-edge technology, reduce downtime, and focus on your core business while we handle your IT needs.

For small businesses in Auckland, having reliable IT support is essential to stay competitive and thrive in the digital landscape. Our comprehensive small business IT support services cater to your specific needs, allowing you to focus on core business activities while we take care of your technology infrastructure. Contact us today to leverage our expertise and give your business the IT support it deserves.

Edgepoint MSP and IT Support Leverages the most modern and efficient Cloud based monitoring system means, Our clients can get an affordable IT Support Contracts and Cheaper IT Support and computer repair services. We can also provide one off Support. Contact us today for reliable and professional IT support in Auckland and nation wide.

EdgePoint | IT Support & Managed Service Provider - Auckland Palmerston North Computer Repair Services

Cloud Support

Managing Cloud Infrastructure is easier with our Modern Support Packages for Microsoft Cloud Services.

EdgePoint | IT Support & Managed Service Provider - Auckland Palmerston North Computer Repair Services

Cloud Solutions

Edgepoint focuses on delivering world-class quality cloud service from Microsoft with secure and affordable pricing options.

EdgePoint | IT Support & Managed Service Provider - Auckland Palmerston North Computer Repair Services

Backup as a Service-BaaS

Backup as a Service (BaaS) is a cloud-based service that provides backup and recovery capabilities for data and applications.

EdgePoint | IT Support & Managed Service Provider - Auckland Palmerston North Computer Repair Services

Modern Workplace

Technology has transformed the way we work, remote work, collaboration, and communication easier and more efficient and flexible work arrangements.

EdgePoint | IT Support & Managed Service Provider - Auckland Palmerston North Computer Repair Services


Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a cloud-based service that provides businesses with a way to recover their critical IT systems and data.

EdgePoint | IT Support & Managed Service Provider - Auckland Palmerston North Computer Repair Services

Proactive Managed IT Services

The focus is on preventing problems from occurring rather than just reacting to them after they have already happened.

24x7x365 MSP

Managed IT Services

We utilize the best-in-class management tool from Kaseya, to manage our Clients, IT infrastructure. For our customers, this means a secure and end-to-end traceble, IT Support.

Friendly, Smart, Professional
IT Support


Daily Users & Devices


MSP is responsible for keeping up with the latest technology trends and developments. This ensures that our clients organization’s technology infrastructure is up-to-date and optimized for maximum efficiency and productivity.

MSP Auckland Small Business IT Support

Benefits of Edgepoint IT Support in Auckland for Small Businesses

In today’s fast-paced digital world, small businesses in Auckland need robust IT support to stay competitive and thrive. Managed IT services offer a range of benefits that can significantly enhance business operations, security, and growth potential. Here’s a detailed look at the benefits of IT support for small businesses in Auckland.

One of the key benefits of Managed IT Services is the predictable and manageable cost structure. Rather than incurring large, unpredictable costs for unexpected IT issues, companies can budget a fixed monthly fee for ongoing IT support and maintenance. This can help businesses better manage their finances and avoid costly downtime. This model allows companies to focus on their core business activities while Edgepoint MSP takes care of the day-to-day IT operations.

Enhanced Security and Data Protection

One of the primary benefits of Edgepoint IT support is enhanced security. Small businesses often face various cyber threats that can compromise sensitive data and disrupt operations. Edgepoint’s  Professional IT support team implements advanced security measures to protect your business from malware, phishing attacks, and data breaches. We also ensure that your systems comply with local regulations and industry standards, giving you peace of mind.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Edgepoint Managed IT services offer cost-effective solutions for small businesses in New Zealand. Instead of dealing with unpredictable IT expenses, you can budget a fixed monthly fee for comprehensive IT support. This approach not only helps manage costs but also prevents costly downtime. IT support providers in Auckland offer scalable services that grow with your business, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

Improved Productivity and Efficiency

With reliable IT support from Edgepoint MSP, your business can operate more efficiently. IT professionals handle all technical issues, allowing you and your staff to focus on core business activities. We provide proactive maintenance, ensuring that your systems run smoothly and preventing potential problems before they occur. This proactive approach reduces downtime and keeps your business running efficiently.

Access to Latest Technology

Keeping up with the latest technology trends can be challenging for small businesses in Auckland. Edgepoint IT support provider in Auckland ensure that your business stays up-to-date with the latest advancements. We offer expert advice on the best tools and technologies that can enhance your operations. By leveraging modern IT solutions, your business can improve its competitive edge and adapt to changing market demands.

Reliable Support and Expertise


Having a dedicated IT support team means you have access to expert assistance whenever you need it. Whether you encounter a technical issue or need advice on IT strategy, professional support is just a call away. This reliable support ensures that any problems are quickly resolved, minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

Focus on Core Business Functions


Outsourcing IT support allows you to focus on what you do best – running your business. Edgepoint IT support provider take care of all technical aspects, from network management to data backup and recovery. This enables you to allocate more time and resources to developing your products, services, and customer relationships.

What Clients Say About Our IT Services

We manage a wide variety of industries in New Zealand, such as Dental practices, Cafes, Constructions, Architects, Finance, Industrial, Automotive, Electronics, Real Estate, Retail Etc.

Apex Architecture IT Support

Edgepoint listened to our requirements and have designed a Support service to match our unique requirements as an Architectural Business.

Managed IT Support, Fibre Internet, VOIP Phones.

Yusuf Jariwala

Architect l Director

Retail IT Support

Edgepoint have been a big step up from our previous IT provider. We can call them about anything that happens with our Stores all around the Country.

Managed IT Services, Managed Backups, Managed IT Security, Retail Analytics, Internet, VOIP System. etc

Peter Lee


Real Estate IT support

Edgepoint has been our IT Support for the last few years and is always on hand to sort our problems out. Edgepoint helped us out with some quite complicated technology changes within our business as well as the day to day issues so we are well positioned for both efficiency in our business today and future growth.

Mark Bramwell


Auckland IT Support

Topland New Zealand is a well-established planning and development consultancy based in East Auckland.

Edgepoint Manages all our IT Infrastructure, IT Security Internet, Phones, etc.

Edgepoint’s Team who regularly go the extra mile to make sure that we are happy with everything.

Cozy Tsui


Dental IT Support

DentSpa is a premium dental and aesthetic medicine practice based in Karaka, Auckland.

Edgepoint Manages all our IT Infrastructure, Internet , Phones, eftpos and Equipments etc.

We never missed a beat after onboarding Edgepoint.

Dr. Haval Atroushi


Automotive IT Support

CMA has become one of the most popular and respected Mechanics in Papatoetoe.

Before we started with edgepoint we didn’t have any direction or planning with our technology and IT set up. Right from the start they formulated a plan that we were happy with that ensures our workshop and office setup are future proof – and we were pleased to find out that they are very good value too.

Shijo Thomas


Edgepoint Auckland

Auckland CBD

Edgepoint Mt Wellington

501 Mt Wellington Highway, Auckland

Located Within Commercial Realty Building, Serving Auckland CBD

Edgepoint Head Office

South Auckland

Edgepoint Head Office

Edgepoint Mt Wellington

2 London Street, Pukekohe, Auckland

Edgepoint Head Office, Serving South Auckland.

Edgepoint Manawatu

Palmerston North

Edgepoint Palmerston North

140 The Square, Palmerston North Central

Located Within RD Techshop Building, Serving Manawatu Areas

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