Updates - Cyber Attack Security Incident on Kaseya VSA.

Kaseya’s VSA product has unfortunately been the victim of a sophisticated cyberattack, which is one of our software that is used for our monitoring and remote connectivity for/to our clients.

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NZ Herald

Compromise Detection Tool

Download the instructions and scripts to be run on your devices, you would like to check.

Please note: While these scripts do not guarantee protection, they can aid in the assessment and identification of vulnerable or affected machines based upon the current known indicators of compromise or IoCs
Please watch the Install Guide video before running the scripts.

1: Download the file, as per the image below, once the file is downloaded, Using your mouse, right-click the downloaded file.

2: When the pop-up menu opens, click on "Extract All." This will open an Extraction Wizard. By Default, it will extract to the same location of the zip archive.
3: The zip archive contains 3 files. One PowerShell file and 1 pdf with installation instructions and a video of demonstration.
4: Right click the script "kaseya_endpoint_detection_tool". When the pop-up menu opens, click on “Run With PowerShell”.
It should Give you the message "RESULT: Scan Did Not Indicate Endpoint Is Vulnerable"
5: If you get any error related to execution policy errors, please refer to point 5a in the instructions PDF or you can contact us.
6: Please email the result of the scan to [email protected] with the subject "Scan Result"

If you need any help Please contact our Helpdesk at 0800 334 376 or 021841446


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