Offering Free IT Support

Offering free IT Support during the lockdown period

EdgePoint is here to provide FREE IT support for people or individual who works from home. We have a team of expertise available 7 days a week between 8 am to 6 pm. Utilise our free of charge service during the lockdown period only.

* Terms and Conditions apply

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    EdgePoint provides best of breed ticket logging system with client portal.

    We provide 24 hours IT support throughout the year for your business. Our wide range of IT services along with exceptional customer satisfaction leads to long term relationship with our clients.

    Terms and Conditions

    • All IT Support provided during the lockdown period will be done remotely and free of charge for 30 minutes
    • Active Internet connection is required for Remote Support
    • If customer wish to continue above the free 30 minutes session, normal charges apply
    • Free Support Service offer is only valid in New Zealand and does not apply to business or companies
    • Free Support Service will be limited up to 30 minutes per issue / call. We want to make sure we are helping as many customers as possible to Support New Zealand during the lockdown period
    • During the 30 minutes free support session, we will try our best to resolve your IT issue, we may not be able to diagnose or fix the issue immediately, however we can give you the best advice about the next steps you could take in the current lockdown environment of New Zealand
    • Free Support Service covers only the labour, excludes software license and/or hardware costs
    • Free Support Service will finish when the announcement of Lockdown period ends by the NZ government

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